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Effortless Markup:Mark your drafting and part drawing for accuracy and documentation with the click of a button. Automatically extract graphics, dimensions and annotations from PDFs, OpenOffice Calc files, AutoCAD files and Microsoft Word files. (video: 1:29 min.)“Give me the list”—Freehand Drawing:Draw a freehand sketch on the screen, digitize it, and then select the lines. Or, start drawing with the screen set to graph paper, and edit lines by simply dragging to connect points. (video: 1:15 min.)Simplify Complex Drawing Workflows:Modify, annotate and redraw entire objects as a single unit with “AutoRecase” commands. Automatically associate line and path objects with their corresponding entities. (video: 1:40 min.)Extend Enterprise Solutions:Use Tableau software to integrate your drawings into enterprise solutions.Features of AutoCAD Release 2023Multi-View Workspace.Supports variable-width and variable-height documents.Supports scalable screen layouts.Supports high-resolution color and grayscale imagery.Performance Optimization for Web and Mobile:Turns out your web browser is a powerful CAD application. And now it can accelerate your drawing and editing in AutoCAD.View Source:View your source files using the browser, or even Google Earth.Multitasking•Open a Web browser and show your web-based design files at the same time.•Open AutoCAD and keep your drawings open in the browser.•Share your drawings and link them to files you edit in Google Earth.Code View•View source code in the browser with the Code View option.•View and edit source files using Google Earth as your drawing canvas.•Open and edit your document in AutoCAD using a web browser.•Work in both a web browser and AutoCAD at the same time.Replace Multiple Objects:•Replace objects in your drawings with CAD-generated proxies.•Create a drawing or share your drawing with a shared link.•Drag and drop drawings and CAD-generated proxies onto AutoCAD.•Drag and 2be273e24d


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