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The most suitable complete skateboards

Between custom skateboards and complete skateboards, the last one will be suitable for the beginners the most. It is because skaters don’t have to assemble the board by themself.

In the post, I would like to introduce three of the most suitable complete skateboards yet the brands which are especially for the newbies. This post is in reference to SkateAdvisors.

Element complete skateboard

First, let’s have a look at the details.

Bushings: Soft 90A

Deck material: 7 ply maple

Trucks: 5.0 Polished

Deck length: 31.75’’

Deck width: 7.75’’ to 8.0

Wheelbase: varies

Bearings: Shielded

Element also provides other skateboards, namely clothes, helmets. Generally, the price of the brand is a friendly-budget. Their board designs will make your ride comfortable.

Arbor Whiskey Complete Skateboard Regarding the details of the product:

Deck: 7 ply maple

Wheels: 90A 54mm

Bearings: Shielded standard

Deck length: 32’

Deck width: 8.0’’, 8.25’’, 7.75’’

Wheelbase: 14’’

Trucks: Ace Classic

The beginners and also the professional skaters can opt for the boards from this brand. Soft 90A 54mm wheels will help you have a smooth skating experience as the wheels are anti-pebble.

Besides, their wheels support the player's skill of keeping balance. And you don’t have to worry about the noise which may occur when you are skating. With reference to the disadvantage of the products, it is not easy to do flipping with the Arbor Whiskey skateboards.

Stoked Ride Complete Skateboard

Concerning the details of the Stoked Ride complete skateboards:

Deck material: 7 ply maple

Wheels: 52mm 99A

Bearings: Fireball

Grip tape: Bullet

Trucks: Paris Street

Deck: 7.75’’, 8.0’’, 8.25’’, 8.5’’

The skateboards from the brand are economical. If you follow street style or transition style, Stoked Ride boards are for you.

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