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  • How do I purchase a digital season pass?
    Go to our online shop. Select digital season pass. You can securely pay by either PayPal or Credit card.
  • How much does a digital season pass cost?
  • How do I get access to the content in my season pass?
    When you purchase the 2020 digital season pass, you will be emailed a unique passcode to access the season pass area on the Tulip Top Gardens website. Each Sunday around lunchtime, we will upload a new episode. To access the episodes go to our website, at the top of the page, hover your cursor over the heading '2020 Digital Season Pass', then a drop box will appear with two headings, being 'Buy/View digital season pass' and 'FAQ's'. Click on 'Buy/View Digital Season Pass'. You will be directed to a new page with images of the episodes. On the bottom left of the page, there is a heading of "Already purchased a season pass?' Enter your unique password in the box that asks you to. Sunday sessions - enjoy!
  • What sort of content can I expect from the season pass?
    A curated insight into the 2020 season at Tulip Top Gardens. This will include professionally filmed footage, time lapses, a 360 garden tour, peaceful and complimentary music, drone footage and special interviews about the gardens with the owner, Bill Rhodin (The lazy gardener).
  • How long does the 2020 season pass last?
    New content will be produced every week of the season until the closing date of 11 October 2020. All weekly episodes will be available for viewing up until our 2021 spring season when new subscriptions will be available to purchase.
  • Will the content in the 2020 season pass expire?
    All episodes are available for viewing until our spring 2021 season. 2021 subscriptions for a new season pass for 2021 will be made available.
  • I've lost my Digital Season passcode.
    Please contact us. Please include one of the follow: your order number, email address, or copy of your payment reciept. The passcode will be resent to you.
  • Can I purchase a digital season pass as a gift?
    Yes, what a great idea! You need to purchase each digital season pass seperatley. Ensure you have the recipients email address to enter, so they receive their unique code to input each Sunday after they receive their email notification of link readiness. You even have a message section, where you can write something to them, like a digital card. Send a happy birthday, get well or thinking of you widh to someone special. Happy shopping.
  • Will it be compatible to view on Computers, i-pads, tablets and phones?"
  • Can I view the content on a TV?
    If you have a smart TV or connect your computer to a TV display, you will be able to view content from our website this way. The other option is purchasing our 2020 Season DVD which will include all content included with the digital season pass, plus a few special extras.
  • How do I buy the 2020 Season DVD?
    You can pre-order the DVD from our online shop. DVDs will be produced on the conclusion of the season, and pre-orders fulfiled by the end of October 2020*. *subject to postage and supplier availablity.
  • What can I expect to find on the 2020 Season DVD?
    All content produced from the digital season pass, with a few additional extras.
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